Cooperation Maron Hilverda and Hotel and Congress Center De Zeeuwse Stromen

Hotel and Congress Center De Zeeuwse Stromen is situated on the west coast of charming Schouwen-Duiveland. This friendly, hospitable hotel bordering the dunes facilitates business meetings as well as coaching and training programs. A series of paintings by Maron Hilverda are applied to contribute to these programs in several of the center’s rooms. Trainers and coaches actively employ these works based on their visible psychological depth, clearly increasing impact on the participants’ personal growth and development.

Maron Hilverda and De Zeeuwse Stromen have developed a series of paintings designed to pull people from their comfort zones, to cause stirring and stimulate development. The works can be viewed at De Zeeuwse Stromen by appointment. They are also available as beautifully designed booklets firmly supporting training and coaching programs.

Contact De Zeeuwse Stromen for a viewing appointment.



Art adds value to practices and waiting areas

On average, each person daily spends half an hour of waiting, often in a waiting area. This time could be meaningful, enhancing the impact of a treatment or session. The applicable art of Maron Hilverda enables you to offer your clientele a moment of preparation, reflection, insight or beauty.

Maron Hilverda’s current collection represents abundant symbolism and alluring color use, affecting the observer. Partly through ratio, partly through intuition, association and symbolic experience. Maron Hilverda’s work offers opportunities for constructive conversation.

Custom work is an option as well. 

This can be discussed if:

- you use one or multiple waiting rooms in need of extended meaning.

- you work with people and wish to implement extra possibilities for in-depth or insightful conversation.

- you wish to use the power of symbolical awareness within your company or practice.

Would you like to know more? Contact Maron Hilverda through a call or the contact form. She will get back to you.